Client Area service management overview (Premium Dedicated Server)
Posted by Arvydas B. on 05 June 2018 02:33 PM


  1. Power On / Off – Turn on/shut down your Server.
  2. Restart – Restarts your server.
  3. Console – Access your server Console Information: IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) access link and login credentials.
  4. VM Overview – In this section you can see your server status, specifications, current OS template, VPS geo location.
  5. Disk drives – In this field you can see attached disk drives specifications.
  6. Task Journal – In this field there is listed last tasks done to your Cloud through client area.
  7. Hostname – Using this field you can choose other services.


  1. Public Network information – In this field you can check your server network information: main IP and assigned subnets.


  1. Total network consumption ­­­ – Provides network consumption for current billing cycle chart. How much bandwidth has been used and how much left.


  1. Invoicing – Shows provides basic billing information: recurring amount, billing cycle, next due date, registration date.
  2. Add credit – enables auto payment.
  3. Request Cancellation – If you do not wish to continue using your service, sends a cancellation request and set your service termination date at the end of your billing cycle or cancel your service immediately.
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