How to host a website on Linux VPS/Cloud server using CWP?
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  • A non expired domain pointed to your server directly or via our DNS management
  • FQDN such as '' assigned to your server as A/CNAME Resource Record or separate zone
  • PTR with your FQDN as value
  • Freshly installed latest CentOS 7 or higher version on VPS/Cloud service

Step 1: Access your server via SSH
Common way to access and manage Linux machine is via Secure Shell. In this tutorial we will be using PuTTY software.

Step 2: Setup server hostname
Properly configured Webpanel requires FQDN set as hostname. We can use 'hostnamectl' command to do that. Adjust and paste the following command in your terminal.

hostnamectl set-hostname

Step 3: Update server
Before installing Centos WebPanel we need to ensure that your server is up to date and has necessary packages.

yum -y install wget && yum -y update && reboot

Step 4: Install Centos WebPanel
Next step is to install WebPanel software on the server. Make sure to reboot your server after installation and save MYSQL root Password somewhere safe.

cd /usr/local/src && wget && sh cwp-el7-latest

Step 5: Access CWP Management
As instructed in previous step you may use server root access credentials and 'http://SERVER_IP:2030/ address to manage your server.

Step 6: Create new Account
To host a website on the server you will be required to make Linux user account. User Accounts -> New Account. Fill in required information and hit Submit button.

Step 7: Open your webpage
This is the final step of Centos WebPanel setup. You should see HTTP Test Page if everything is working properly. If not, make sure that domain is correctly pointed to server or redo installation steps. You may use CWP Filemanager to upload your website files.

For more information, please refer to official CWP WIKI.
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