What's included into your Extra-Care support packages?
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Our technical support service is divided into three levels in accordance to the complexity of your issue. On the table given below, you may find all details concerning general tech support, 1st Level Extra-Care and 2nd Level Extra-Care support packages.


General Support

1st Level Extra-Care

2nd Level Extra-Care


  • Service monitoring and performance control;
  • On-demand service connection to Host1Plus monitoring system;
  • Service management through your control panel;
  • Consultation regarding your service, software and more;
  • *Other.
  • LAMP setup and configuration;
  • DirectAdmin installation, configuration and migration;
  • WHM/cPanel management;
  • CentOS Web Panel, Webmin installation;
  • OpenVPN setup and configuration;
  • Desktop and VNC installation;
  • SSH configuration;
  • cPanel, ISPconfig migration;
  • OS reinstallation;
  • Basic security check and guidance;
  • Service monitoring;
  • *Other.
  • Network and firewall configuration;
  • BGP setup;
  • Load balancer setup and configuration;
  • Apache and NGINX advanced configuration;
  • Squid or other caching software setup and configuration;
  • Custom monitoring setup and configuration;
  • GRE tunnel setup and configuration;
  • *Other.

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NOTE: chat and explanation of what you want to be done by our specialists is not included into the paid service time, so feel free to explain your issue in detail.

*If you have not found required management option on the given list, feel free to contact us at and see how we may help you.

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